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DocFinderTab::tests::testAnalyse::TestAnalyse Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for DocFinderTab::tests::testAnalyse::TestAnalyse:


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Detailed Description

ExtensionClass is a new-style class

Definition at line 117 of file testAnalyse.py.

Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def testAcquiredType
def testBaseFuncType
def testBaseMethodType
def testBooleanType
def testClassMethodType
def testComplexType
def testComputedAttributeType
def testDateTime
def testDecoratedType
def testDictType
def testDocDecoratedType
def testDummy
def testFloatType
def testForeignFuncType
def testForeignMethodType
def testFrozenSetType
def testFunctionType
def testInstanceType
def testIntType
def testListType
def testLongType
def testMethodType
def testNewStyleClass
def testNewStyleExtensionClass
def testNoneType
def testPropertyType
def testSetType
def testStaticMethodType
def testStringType
def testTupleType
def testUnicodeType

Public Attributes


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